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Campus Radio

It's cool to me that a group of students want to launch a radio station at LBCC. I have some concerns, but also some things I find beneficial about it. Firstly, I always like to hear collaboration between people, resulting in an idea that they find exciting, and want to share with others, as I'm sure the idea of a radio station would be. My concerns regarding this idea are cost, listeners, and whether it would be worth it in the end. It takes a lot of effort to start something like this, you have to make a room dedicated to the radio station, equipped with all the devices and equipment the crew would need, and that is not cheap. Another concern is whether people would listen to the radio or not. Would it be accessible in areas other than just the campus, or would you have to tune in only while you were at school. Not only that, but which campus would it involve, I'm assuming the main one in Albany, but maybe the other campus' would want one as well. If a list …

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