Music's Influence

         When I was in elementary school, the iPod nano came out. I got one for Christmas, along with a $20 iTunes gift card, which equated to 20 songs, as they were 0.99 cents at the time. I was only in the fifth grade, so I didn't really know much about music, other than what my parents listened to, or what my older brother listened to. I ended up giving the gift card to my brother, and then downloaded the songs he bought with it. A handful of these songs were by the rapper Eminem. My parents weren't the most tech savvy people, and didn't know that you could choose between explicit and non-explicit versions of songs on iTunes. My brother always chose the explicit versions without my parents understanding or knowing what we were listening to. My aunt and uncle, who have kids my brother and I's age, did know this variation that you could choose in songs. When they saw the music I was listening to, where Eminem uses vulgar language about sex, drugs, and other topics a fifth grader probably shouldn't be listening to, they told my parents right away.
          Having two parents figure out that you're listening to very inappropriate music at such a young age is really embarrassing. It's especially embarrassing when you get caught by someone else's parents, who then tell yours. I had to delete the songs, and my brother got mad at me for showing off my iPod in the first place, as the explicit songs may have not been seen otherwise. After this incident my parents had to approve all song purchases we made until their trust in our judgement was built up again regarding what is appropriate and what's not.
         Now-a-days I listen to a much different genre of music than the Eminem rap I listened to in elementary and middle school. My top five favorite artists are Carly Pearce (pop-country), Luke Brian (pop-country), Florida-Georgia Line (pop-country), Justin Bieber (pop), and Halsey (pop).


  1. Hi Madelin! I love the way your blog is set up, and much more visibly appealing then mine! I also like pop country music and Justin Bieber! I think that people really drag popular music these days, in hopes to be alternative or come across different! I like that you put what you really like, as did I!


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