As bad as it sounds, I'm not the most intrigued in getting updated on the news. I know this is bad, and a total "millennial" thing to say, as if I think the world is a perfect place and I live in a bubble. When I do look up news, or the most recent information that I should know, I get it from either my boyfriend, or The Today Show (access their site here). News isn't super important to me, but I know it should be. I guess a more accurate statement would be that I don't always have the time to put learning current news first. I'm in nursing school during the school year, and work full-time during the summer while taking summer classes, these activities fill my day. It is obvious to me though that knowing news is extremely important because knowledge is power, and knowing what's going on in the world is how you stay relevant. My boyfriend also gets his information from The Today Show. Beings that this is the primary source we get our news from, I'd like to focus on how legitimate the show's news is. Unlike many other news shows, this one is neither left or right leaning. They are an unbiased news source, and don't talk about they're personal beliefs in what they are discussing. Another reason I believe that they are a credible source of news is because they have stated certain claims, or news that I believe is a little fishy as far as accuracy goes, and when checking these claims online through other sources, they've been corroborated. This has built a trust I have in the show, and the information my boyfriend states he saw on the show as well.
There are many publications that require a subscription in order to have access to the information they have. I have never paid to subscribe to one of these publications. All the news I need is free, and I don't think it's necessary to pay to get news from a source that you could get somewhere else for free. If the paid subscriptions involved access to information you couldn't get anywhere else, then they would be worth it, but I don't think they are.
As talked about before, I'm not very well informed regarding the relevant topics being discussed in today's news. Where politics, the presidency, controversial topics, etc. are concerned, the extent of my knowledge is what my boyfriend tells me, or what The Today Show talks about. I would say I'm around a 2-3 out of 5 on knowledge regarding the topics people are talking about in today's time that cover the topics stated above. I think it is really important for me to make more of an effort to learn about these topics, it's just easier said than done to make an effort to read an article or watch the news on TV when I'd rather watch a funny TV show or do some yoga after a long day at school or work. If/when I decide to get my act together in order to learn more about relevant news topics, I'd like to go to sources such as "The Oregonian" (as that's where I'm from), local news sources like KATU News (tends to be more unbiased), and other sources like these where I can find reliable information.


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