Wikileaks in my opinion is a good thing. Hidden topics are made available that would otherwise not be, and these facts aren't directly hurting someone, they're just made so the people of this country have access to truths regarding the government they live under and the people who control it. This source doesn't harass anyone, or directly attack a person, it just makes knowledge readily available in an unbiased format. The information that is leaked isn't a matter of national security, and no one will die because of the posts that are made. It is a source to find out corruption and wrong doings by people who shouldn't be able to push something under the rug as they may wish to do.
One Wikileaks that supports the points of view I've mentioned above is one about the Panama Papers. There were 11.5 million leaked documents that entailed hidden shell companies that corporations and the wealthy use to launder their money. This is a huge problem and Wikileaks made these documents readily available so the corruption of these people can be ended. If you'd like to read more about this, the Wikileaks document can be accessed here.
I really like how much information the US people have access to on the internet, there are so many people blind to what they have access to just by using their computer. With that information, people like to use their freedom of speech and expression, and state their opinion on different matters. This is sometimes done through copyright by downloading a video illegally and then sharing it with people to give them the information, as well as legally by simply talking about what you learned or posting about it online. The copyright laws we have are strict, and with the available illegal downloads their are online, the laws will only get stricter. I think they may be a little too extreme, because people shouldn't be going to jail for downloading something they may not have even known was illegal to do. With that being said, I think it is also the people of this country's job to ask ourselves if what we're accessing is okay to look at. For example, finding information on Wikileaks, and then sharing that unbiased information with our social media following is fine (as I've just done above). On the other hand, accessing a movie that hasn't came out in theaters yet, and then downloading that movie and sharing it with others, is not okay and shouldn't be okay ever. It involves us taking away from the people who make the movie and deserve profit off of it, and it also involves us doing something that we know isn't okay. These are the types of the things that need to be brought to attention and stopped.


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