There are a few magazines that come to my mind as ones I like reading through, whether in print or online. First, Cosmopolitan, second, People, third, Better Homes and Gardens. I don't look to magazines to read about anything educational, they are a form of entertainment that I flip through over a half hour to relax and read a few mindless articles, take a "quiz", see some home DIY ideas, and things like that. These three magazine are perfect, Cosmopolitan has the relationship advice (although sometimes it's totally phony information), like these link examples that are along the lines of what I'm referring to. It's totally mindless, but it allows you to just veg out on junk/funny information for a little while. People magazine is just a way to get possibly false information about celebrities. You'll read big, exaggerated claims on the front that draw your attention, so then when you pick it up to go through it, you read all the stories about celebrities and the supposed drama in their lives. I never know what is true or not, but it definitely makes me be thankful for my life, as it would be horrible to have not only stories about your personal life publicized, but possibly false stories about your life as well. I don't really have a reason for this magazine, other than that it is entertaining to read the crazy stories about all your favorite celebrities like this one here. Lastly, Better Home and Gardens is the most educational magazine I read on a consistent basis. It gives really good home decoration ideas for people like me who aren't the most creative, but can be if they are given some ideas. Along with that, they advertise DIY projects like these ones here, where you can turn something boring into something really cute and fashionable, all while on a budget. All of these magazine I read probably tell people that I don't take reading magazine seriously. I read them on my down time at work, when I'm at an appointment, or other random times. I don't read them all the time, and I never buy them at the store. They are just a fun thing to read when you're just hanging out and want to read something entertaining.
         When viewing the websites for these magazine, several things are advertised. Cosmopolitan advertises Maybelline and Rackspace. Whereas, on People magazines website, The Office Depot, TRUTH (about tobacco), and Allstate are all advertised. Lastly, on Better Homes and Gardens website, Humira medication, and various links recommended by Utbrain are listed. I'm very intrigued by the internet, and wonder if these advertisements are given to me based on other searches I make online. This is what I'm thinking for certain ones listed above, but others I have no idea what they are, so it can't be based off searched I've made.


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