About Madelin

Hi everyone, my name's Madelin Herman, but I go by Madee. I was born and raised in Hood River, OR, but now go to school in Portland, OR. From a young age I wanted to be a nurse, and my focus has always been in pediatrics. I want to work with the age group of 0-6 years old, possibly focusing in the birthing department, a NICU, or a pediatric doctor's office. I attended LBCC for all of my college up until this past December when I thought I was finished. I moved on to nursing school at Linfield Good Samaritan School of Nursing, where I've completed a semester of nursing school so far. During that time, I found out I needed a couple more lower-division courses, and I've never taken a media class before. I thought with all the courses I have taken, doing something different would be enjoyable. I'm very excited about learning how to use this blog, as having a blog has been an interest of mine in the past. I love health, fitness, and overall life balance, so a while ago I was interested in creating a blog around those topics, but didn't know how. This term, I'm looking forward to possibly taking what I learn about how to post good blog posts, and continuing to use those resources in the future. Aside from all the schooling, I'm living in San Francisco for the summer with my boyfriend, who received an internship here for the summer. During my time here, I will be working in an infant daycare, which is hardly a job at all since it's so fun for me to take care of children. So far in San Francisco I've been having an amazing time being able to enjoy all the exploring we're getting to do for the next couple months while we're here, as well as experiencing the life in a big city like this one. 
I look forward to getting to know everyone, and having another great semester!


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