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When it comes to following people on social media, I'm not picky about who I follow, or who I let follow me (as long as I know them/of them). With that being said, there are a few people I've chosen to follow for reasons that go beyond just knowing them or having gone to school with them. These are people like Ellen Fisher, Carli Bybel, and Vegan BuzzFeed. Ellen Fisher is a vegan mom, who lives in Hawaii with her husband and two little boys. I follow her on Instagram, but I found her on YouTube when I first wanted to learn more about a healthier lifestyle. She talks about life, gives workout ideas, has a vegan eBook filled with delicious recipes, and in general is just a great person who, if nothing else, inspires me to be kind to my body and love myself for who I am. Carli Bybel is also someone I found on YouTube and now follow on Instagram. She is also a vegan, but I follow her for her amazing sense of style, and her skills as a makeup artist. I'm a girly girl, and I love getting dressed up and going out with friends; Carli gives ideas on how to have a good style on a budget, as well as makeup tips for beginners or people who don't where a lot of makeup (as myself). Aside from the person she is on the surface with fashion, and makeup, she is a great role model for young girls, and I enjoy listening to her talk about life and her experiences that have also happened to me and her advice on moving on, or living with certain things you're not happy about. Lastly, I follow Vegan BuzzFeed on Instagram. My boyfriend introduced me to there original page, but since I don't eat meat or dairy, a lot of their food ideas wouldn't work for me. When I found out they have a vegan page, I was all over it. They have great, simple, healthy recipes, that honestly taste amazing. Basically, these three people/organizations are my favorite to follow for health, fitness, fashion, and food. A few of my favorite things in life! Although these three pages are through Instagram, I also enjoy Twitter as well.

On Twitter recently there was a post by BuzzingaNews called "Save the Tigers", and it was a video link to a female tiger giving birth to her two cubs at a zoo. I love these types of posts. I'm going into nursing, and want to be a labor and delivery nurse, so seeing even a labor and delivery that's to do with animals is so amazing. I love retweeting these types of posts because I know they'll make someone else's day as well, especially if they enjoy new life as much as I do. Plus, the baby cubs are adorable, and no one can deny that.

For a long time I had all the different social media accounts available. This changed a couple years ago when I got rid of all my social media, except Instagram. Recently, I signed up for Twitter again, and so far am happy I did. I'm not an argumentative person who enjoys debating, so when my Facebook page began getting filled with posts regarding politics, democrat vs. republican posts, and other things in this area, I didn't like it. I know the world isn't some perfect bubble, and that there's a lot of controversy that needs to be discussed, but when going on social media, I use it as an outlet to relax. For me, seeing other people's happiness through pictures on Instagram, or viewing tweets regarding DIY projects, and yummy food recipes, is what I use social media for. Partly why I don't like getting involved in politics and arguments on Facebook is because I've never had enough knowledge about topics to put my two cents in. Nor do I think I ever will. I research and do my work when an election is in order, but I've never felt the need to argue why I believe what I do, or why I vote for who I do. This may seem dumb to some people, people who believe I should speak my reasons for the beliefs I have, but I don't think that's necessary, so taking part online in democracy, politics, and debates is not for me.


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