Twitter/Facebook and Advertising/PR

When looking on my Instagram "trending" feed (the place where random pictures of people/organizations I don't follow show up, based on people I do follow), there are a ton or companies using this social media outlet as a platform for advertising the products they sell. For instance, I follow a girl named Ashy Bines, and she is an ambassador for a company called "Labang Body". Through me following her, their page came into my trending feed, and it caught my eye because of the colorful picture that grabbed my attention before any other posts did. On their page they use Instagram to advertise their product through a few different ways. Firstly, they post pictures of women who are tan, beautiful, and oiled up with the Labang Body skin oil. This draws people's attention, either because they think the women are really attractive and want to look at their Instagram page, or maybe because they see the colorful pictures like I did that made me intrigued by whose page the picture belonged to. Secondly, they advertise by simply showing a screenshot of a packet of their product. They sell skin oil, hair oil, bikinis, and fake tanner, all of which will be posted every once in a while as well. This is intriguing to viewers because their packaging is really bright and appealing, making people want to know more about what it does, or how much it costs because some consumers today may buy something just based on it looking "cute" while their out tanning with friends and have their oil with them. Lastly, they use Instagram as a way to target pregnant women. A lot of their posts are of full term pregnant women, without any stretch marks, and glowing skin. They advertise that their body oil is great with keeping your skin hydrated and reducing the chance you get stretch marks while pregnant. This is a great claim, and appeals to women all over the world who may be pregnant and trying to avoid getting any stretch marks, or even women who aren't pregnant and have stretch marks they'd like to reduce the appearance of. Something to mention is that the product is also vegan, which adds a whole other market of people that would want to buy this product as well.
As mentioned before, they have a very specific target audience. Some pictures are geared towards pregnant women, some are towards fit and healthy women who see other fit and healthy women using this product, and some posts target other viewers who just see the colorful pictures and want to know more. All in all though, the product is bought almost exclusively by women, for women. The approach they are taking on this advertisement has definitely been working. I know this because when recently viewing their page I noticed they have 100 thousand more followers than they did a year or so ago when I looked at their page, but didn't want to try it because they didn't have very many posts or followers yet. The Labang Body company isn't very old either, with just being two years old since it was founded, they have a large following, so you can only imagine how many girls buy the products, especially since it is relatively inexpensive.
Talking about costs and the company's ambassadors, it gets me thinking about what I would do to help this company flourish even more and get to millions of followers and buyers. If I were a part of the marketing team I would want to get more women using and advertising this product on their person Instagram pages. These women, like Ashy Bines, would need to have a heavy following as well, so that paying them to be ambassadors would be worth it since millions of people would be seeing the product through their pages. I would also want to advertise for sales or bundle deals around holidays. This would be through giving coupon codes to the followers, and having reduced priced bundle deals when people are buying gifts for family around holidays. This would ensure that people who have been wanting to try the product would, and then would love it, and have no problem paying the original sale price later on.


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